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Twitterdee Twitterdum!


The past few weeks have been spent working, reading up on publishing and the changing trends in the industry, other agents’ blogs, and more work-related stuff. Never before has the power of social media been impressed upon me with such clout. Really, it’s terrifying for someone like me. I’ve resisted blogging, Kindle, and Twitter for so long. But work has finally forced me to succumb to all three of the above.

In a climate where even writers have to be well-versed in the art of blogging, twittering, and maintaining a stellar website/newsletter/database…to be noticed by agents/editors/publishers…it is important, now more than ever, for me to do the same.

Which brings me to a somewhat related thought. For all you fiction and non-fiction writers out there, create a platform. I know the word robs you of the very essence of writers of the bygone era. But since the economy has taken a hit, despite quality fiction being produced every year, the role of marketing and publicity falls more and more within the writer’s domain. So be alert, creative, and a technophobe. We are familiar with the idea of non-fiction writers having to do a proposal and submitting pages and pages showing market analysis and potential for their book, along with various speakers engagements, interviews, and other modes of gathering a huge following (these days editors don’t just expect the proposal and sample chapters anymore. They expect the proposal along with a COMPLETED manuscript- in order to show them how committed you are to your project). But today, even fiction writers are asked to write a proposal. Not in as much detail, but enough to show how well-versed they are with social media outlets, how many followers they have (which will make marketing their book that much easier), and comparisons with authors that have books similar/yet different to the ones they’ve written.

For me, blogging and twitter are the best ways to network with other like-minded people, writers, and people in the industry. It is also lighter on my brain and fingers. While I enjoy blogging, after reading manuscripts and editing all day, the idea of writing a blog post makes my writer’s juices shrivel and beg for a respite. That is when Twitter is a godsend. Where else can I share my thoughts in 140 word or less? 🙂 @FriscoDreamer (my Twitter name!)

Lesson for the day?

Embrace social media forums! Be aggressive about them! Enjoy them! Pay attention to what kind of books people are looking for/buying/publishing. Pay attention to what books have outrun their cycle (vampires, fairies, dystopian,etc…anyone?) And do not stop writing!

Signing off! Have a good evening folks!