Update (continued…)


Our second hike was the Pfeiffer State Park hike. We took both the Valley View and Pfeiffer Falls trails. I’ll admit, however, that I could not complete the Valley View trail, because the further up we went, through narrow, rocky, unsteady paths that kept climbing steeper and stepper, the more and more I felt as though ants were crawling all over my hands and feet. At one point, I could not force my feet to move at all. I’m telling you folks! They had glued onto the ground on their own accord. As you must have guessed by now, I have a deathly fear of heights. Ask me to do anything–anything!–and i’ll do it. Lasso a wild horse and ride him naked. Hell yea! Do the tango with an angry bull. Let me at the beast. Drive through the streets of SF blindfolded. Ah, the daredevil me. But heights, no can do my friends.

However, we did manage to finish the Pfeiffer falls hike, get a lovely glimpse of the waterfall, and soak in some greenery. While my husband leaped and bounded from one rock/path to another, like an agile mountain goat, I crawled after him like a wheezing sloth. Ah, sexy sexy. Just what a man wants to see in the woman he loves. Sweaty, red-faced, athletically challenged…and people wonder why women hate to do strenuous activities with their men. It kills the desire right out of a relationship people! Unless the both of you have climbed Mt. Everest time and time again, and a hike barely causes you both to break out in a sweat.

Enough with the chatter. On with some pictures!







A lighthouse on our way back to the city.

So there we go guys. Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. My next blog entry might contain some more pictures of another trip we’ll be taking soon. But that is a surprise for a different day. With this, I sign out and wish you guys a good night!

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