A long weekend!


The sun has been shining a lot more these days, in my usually cloudy, muggy San Francisco city. Along with sunlight came the Bay to Breakers Marathon that brought out hordes of people who bravely defied the normal conventions of society and either 1) dressed up in daring costumes that would make my grandmother’s eyebrows disappear into her hairline, or, 2) came out completely stark naked, wearing their respective birthday suits. No matter if the suits were tight, stretched, wrinkly, or toned. They were proud to wear it, and proud to show it. 

Of course, since I haven’t commonly seen such…freedom prancing around the streets, I spent majority of my time with my head hanging out the window (like a bloodhound distracted by too many scents), shrieking and hollering with delight (much to the embarrassment of my husband, who pretended he did not know me for those couple of minutes).

Apart from that, we discovered the best Sandwich place in SF (Ike’s Sandwiches near Dolores Park), spend a glorious weekend doing laundry (what fun!), and threw our first dinner party for ten. Never has throwing a party seemed such a daunting prospect. Partly because I have always been a guest at other people’s parties, but never had the chance to throw one of my own since I moved here. Let me tell you something, no matter how much military precision you put into the planning on the days prior to the party, on the D-day, when you wake up, you turn into someone you do not recognize. A raging, hormonal, stressed out monster with lungs that become insanely powerful, with patience that has all but evaporated into the air…you become someone who family members look at with trepidation, with their stomachs and hearts in their hands. Thankfully, the party went well, and my stress levels have come down to their normal levels. I’m human again. 🙂 Tip to significant others : What you’re doing–keeping silent and helping–is the right thing to do. Just keep at it and know that your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband will come back into their minds and bodies very soon.

On another note, the long weekend is coming up and me and my husband have planned an impromptu trip to drive down to Big Sur. When the idea struck us, we all but discounted the fact that with the sun out, people would probably be making similar plans like us. Boy were we in for a shock. Most of the cabins and campsites there have been booked through UNTIL SEPTEMBER! By some luck, we’ve managed to find a room for one night at the Glen Oak’s Cabins. So this is something I’m definitely super excited to check out. You can be sure there will be some good pictures for my next blog post. Along with some suggestions and tips for those of you who plan to go there some time in the foreseeable future.

 On an end note for today, here’s a list of books to check out for those of you who have a passion for the written word.

– The Book Of Lost Fragrances : M.J. Rose

– Buddha In The Attic : Julie Otsuka

– Peony In Love : Lisa See

– Half Of A Yellow Sun : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

– Daughters Of Fortune : Isabel Allende

– The Place At The End Of The World : Janine Di Giovanni 

With this, folks, I shall let you get on with your day. Have a wonderful week/weekend !!


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