Bonjour 2012!


Although I have not written for awhile (who am I kidding?) I would like to say–on this glorious, rainy  Thursday in San Francisco city–that I’m at a point in my life where happiness no longer frightens me. I do not look for reasons behind my happiness and ponder/analyze/question them to within an inch of their duration. Instead, I enjoy them completely, whilst being submerged in a cocoon of comfort and confidence. This state of being is a new sensation to me, and I am completely blissful. This is not to say that my life is perfect. Or filled with fluffy clouds, puppies, marshmallows, and all things happy. Oh no. There are days when I want to throw things at the wall, light bonfires, graffiti walls (although I’ve never done this), join a fight club to punch out my frustrations, and growl. But I’ve finally learned to pay attention to the positives in my life, thanks to my darling husband. He is the most supportive, constant, cheerful, kind, funny, and interesting human being I know. And because of him, I’m now learning to look forward to a wonderful year ahead. To look at the positives. Which are:

  • Having someone in my life who lights me up with joy. Someone who allows me to be dependent on him, and independent of him as well. Someone who thinks my oddities and quirks are attractive. Someone who allows me to be neurotic, without making me feel neurotic. Never has love made me feel so secure and confident. Never before has love made me cocky and invincible.
  • Supportive friends and family that have been with me for as long as I can remember.
  • An internship that fills me with fire and makes use of the talent and passion I possess.
  • A lot of dreams and plans for the future.

I wish the rest of you the same. Have a wonderful year ahead folks! Stay strong through the downs by focusing on the ups 🙂



About poojavivek

Life enthusiast. Literary Agent at Kimberley Cameron & Associates. Lover of books. Closet writer. Music lover. Movie fanatic. Eccentric. Dreamer. Voyeur. Willing recipient of new experiences. Spiritual. Student. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Wife.

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